Java File Upload Applet


Current version is 2.28.0:

  • JAR file: jumploader_z.jar (1347 KB)
  • Core JAR — less size, less functionality. Ripped local file system browse components, image processing components: jl_core_z.jar (691 KB)
  • Mediautil JAR — required for lossless jpeg rotation: mediautil_z.jar (98 KB).
  • FTP JAR — required for FTP uploads: ftp_z.jar (88 KB).
  • Sanselan JAR — required for images metadata writing: sanselan_z.jar (342 KB).
  • XFileDialog JAR — required for native file dialog on windows platform: xfiledialog.jar (230 KB).
  • Zip4J JAR — required for encrypted zipping: zip4j_z.jar (90 KB).
  • Apache http client JAR — required for upload using apache http client: apache_http_client_z.jar (599 KB).

Older versions:

Registered customers can build customized (logo, link/tooltip on logo, publisher name) and secured (prevent applet loading from foreign sites, disable logo removal) applet versions online. Builder link is the same as registered copy download link, but without file at the end of the path.