Java File Upload Applet


There is Java 7 bug that prevents FTP file uploads: http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=7077696. Please vote!

Upload to FTP server

(since 2.13.0)

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In order to upload to FTP it is necessary to specify additional jar archive (ftp_z.jar, download):

<applet id="jumpLoaderApplet" name="jumpLoaderApplet"
width="800" height="600" mayscript>

and ftp protocol for UploaderConfig.uploadUrl parameter. It is also possible to specify username, password, remote directory and options (in query string), for example:


If username/password contain special characters (such as @), this should be urlencoded.

Supported following options:

  • passive — use passive mode for transfer

FTP uploads are resumable — if remote file with same name exists, this would be resumed.

Due to ftp protocol limitations some jumploader features are not applicable for ftp uploads, such as custom attributes, partitioned upload.